Friday, September 21, 2012


So I got to know this guy recently. I first encountered him from the internet. Gah, so cliché right? :p Can't help it. We ARE living in the 21st century after all. What do you expect?

Then we exchanged phone numbers and started texting. Everyday, no matter rain or shine, day or night, we'll text each other. He'll greet me 'good morning' and 'good night'. He'll remind me to have my lunch/dinner. He'll text me after he finished working. Or after I finished working. Somehow, our texting became a routine. A routine that both of us comfortably slip into. Of course there are healthy amount of flirting as well. 

I'm trying not to get my hopes up before meeting him. I had a not-so-good experience previously with another guy. He turned out not to be what I've expected. We are still friends though. Sort of.

But I really have a good feeling about this guy. Okay that sounds wayyyy to familiar. Deja vu much?!

I don't know how this is going to work though. He's a out-of-towner. I'm extremely terrified to meet him. What if I like him too much? And if we were to become an 'item', how would this LDR work? Or what if I don't like him enough? How do I continue this.... friendship? I don't even know what 'this' is, to be exact. Some days, I just can't wait to meet up with him. Just to know for sure, if whatever 'this' is, could ever work. Even if just to end whatever fantasy that I'm having. Sigh, so many contradicting thoughts and feelings. Nooooo I think I'm turning into a girl. LOL.

I know I will meet him eventually. I'm just crossing my fingers that when the day comes, I won't turn into a nervous wreck and screw this up.

Ok back to watching American Idol. My god, those two judges Steve Tyler and J.Lo really bore me. Interesting contestants though.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hot Red Indians

To all Malaysians that are celebrating the Independence day, happy holiday!

So, the family decided to make a short trip to A'Famosa resort in Malacca for the holiday. I volunteered to pay for the accommodation, a gorgeous villa with 3 spacious rooms for the eight of us. It had a pool in the front yard. When we arrived, we were ooh-ing and aah-ing just like a couple of village people. Hahah...

Anyway, I left for the trip right after work. So I was a tad tired that day. But the day was already planned, so I had to follow them and force myself out of the comfortable bed to the safari. Gosh! I can't imagine why would anyone enjoy safari. I'm really not an animal person, so I really can't see the point of that. But somehow, even some of my friends just love going to the zoos, safari and whatnot. Seriously?!

So there I was, reluctantly, trying to enjoy myself.

A pic of our wristbands. So lame, but it had to be done. Guess which sexy hand was mine? Haha...

In the evening, it was a visit to the Cowboy town. It was rather... I don't know, boring seemed like an understatement.

The most exciting part was where a bunch of half-naked sexy fire-breathing red Indians show. That, I think was the most memorable part of the trip. LOL, slutty me.

Seriously, I think the tattered pants were a bit too long. Don't you think? I don't think red Indians wear such long pants. Hrmph.... A loin cloth would've sufficed!

As usual, spotted a few hotties on the trip. Drools... but no pics. Hey,I went with my too large of a family, OK!

Mom: So, when are you going to find a gf? (Right in the middle of the aforementioned red Indian show. Mother always has the worst timing ever! Always.)
Me: Oh, how do you think they can swallow the flame like that?
Mom: Don't try to change the subject, young man!
Me: Ok, ok, soon soon! I'm still young! Hey look at that! Isn't that amazing?!


Just got back home from that oh-so-tiring trip. I thought holidays are supposed to be relaxing. Rejuvenating. But it never was. At least trips with the family never was. Sigh....