Friday, December 21, 2012

Sleepless nights

Recently we are having trouble sleeping. With our working hours, our biological clock has gone haywired. Lately we'll come home after work feeling dead tired. We'll sleep early, but we always end up waking up at around 3am. We don't know why, but this is starting to annoy us.

Perhaps we need to take a break. Maybe we're feeling really burned out. And it starts to show in our workplace. Which is not a good sign.

We're thinking of an island vacation in January next year. Somewhere tropical. With trees, beach, and booze. Just a short trip, enough to re-charge. We love going to beaches. Especially beaches with cute guys running around. The thought of that cheered us up a little.

Something like this. Yummy.

So far, our top three most memorable island vacations are Goa, Koh Samui, and Phuket. The beach clubs and pubs are one of the places we'd definitely visit. Nothing beats dancing the night away and drinking the delicious island cocktails.

Saw a youtube video recently. How we wish someday a guy would say those things to us.

How sweet was that? And Harry Shum Jr...... drool...... OMG!
God save us.