Friday, May 11, 2012

Straight Roommate = No Sex life

I have a roommate. Sometimes when some people say that they are staying with a roommate, they actually mean a housemate, as in sharing an apartment, but in different rooms. But no, I literally have a roommate, staying in the same room. The accomodation is provided by my work place, so I'm like 'cincai la'...

Of course he is straight. *rolleyes* If you throw a stone, nine out of ten you will hit a straight guys right? (Of course not if you throw it at a gay club or gay parade lah!!!!)

Let me just make myself clear, I don't have a crush at him, not even a little bit. Don't get me wrong, he is a good looking dude and all, tall, dark, charming, cute smiles. But somehow I'm just not attracted to him. That's a good thing, or else our living arrangement might not work out. Imagine lusting after a straight roomie! How to control yourself everyday night right?

I have a very weird relationship with him. We are very comfortable with each other, as comfortable two dudes with platonic friendship can be with each other. But I don't bond well with him. You might think that living with someone, you will definitely be very close to that person. We are not like that at all. We don't go out for meals together. He has his own circle of friends, and I have mine. Basically, we don't hang out outside of our room.

I guess the problem with having a roommate is the lack of privacy. Say I have a need to masturbate, I usually would have to do it when he's asleep or he's out somewhere (I really don't like jerking off in the toilet.) Like right now, when he's sleeping 10 feet away from me, I have to be really, really quiet if I want to play with myself. Obviously it's impossible to hook up with someone in my room either. That's why my sex life has really suffered a great deal. I kinda wonder how about his? We never talk about sex and stuff (because you just don't talk to straight dude about stuff like that!). I never caught him playing with himself though. No suspiciously long showers as well. I don't find strange girls leaving our room. So either he is scoring at some other places, or he has been doing it while I'm asleep as well. Kinda hot now that I really think about it.

Okay gotta go jerk off quietly now. Shhh.... he's asleep.

Gosh I DESPERATELY need to get my own place soon!

Oooppsss.... sorry.


  1. hahahahaa..i understand the perils u are going through..both the privacy and the bonding thingy u really have to stay at the place provided by ur co?if not, maybe time to move out and get the privacy we all dread for..hehe

    1. No i don't. I've already decided to find a place of my own soon. I just haven't found a place that I really love. And then there's a question of whether I should continue renting a place, or make an investment by buying a house. If I'm buying a house, there are even more things I need to find out/research. So MANY things to consider. That's why I was procrastinating in moving out. Call me childish, but gosh I really hate making grown-up decisions like these!

    2. yeah, need to have a stable financial standing if wanna buy a house..there is no turning back once the contract is signed. i believe u pay a bit only if stay at the place provided by ur co? if like that and u plan to buy a house, then keep on staying over there to save more money :)

      i would say, plan to buy a house anytime soon when u are able..the longer u wait, more expensive it gonna be

    3. Yes the rent is cheap and I saved a lot on transportation as well since it's damn near to my workplace. Thanks for the advice. I already found a neighbourhood that I like. And the way it is developing, the land price is gonna double very soon. But I don't want into rush things, so I'm just gonna take my time doing my research first.

  2. Haha. Firstly, how can you be sure that he is straight? Since you've not seen any girls with him. And I think if he is straight, he would most likely talk to you about girls, dating, boobs or porn. It's something straight guys do lol. If he hasn't done so, it either means he knows you're gay so no point, or he is gay too LOL!

    My second question is have you seen him naked? Like do you guys just change clothes in the room and stuff...

    And have you guys ever discussed about masturbating? It's a universal fact that ALL guys do it. So instead of doing it quietly while the other is sleeping, maybe you guys can just acknowledge to each other that you do it in bed so there's no need to be so secretive haha. Maybe even jerk off together? Not together together, but as in maybe next time when he's just gone to bed you start doing it and let him catch you doing it.. then maybe he will do it too! :P

    1. The first question is quite valid since I don't think he has a gf. But that doesn't mean anything, since I'm single myself too. You see, like I said I don't bond well with him, so it's kind of embarrassing for me to broach the subject of porn, masturbation etc. But I do have a very strong feeling that he's straight. So maybe he suspects that I'm gay?

      Erm... I've not seen him fully naked. The most would be in his boxers. Both of us sleep in our boxers. ;)

      J-boy you're so naughty LOL!! Jerking off together it seems! Are you trying to play out YOUR fantasies? Ok I agree that ALL guys do it, but it might make him uncomfortable if he is to catch me doing it. I don't want to make it awkward between the two of us, at least not before I found a new place to live!

    2. hahahahaha never try never know right.. even straight guys might be a lil curious sometimes.. who knows he may turn out to be a good jerk off buddy lol.

      Sometimes guys who APPEAR shy or not open minded about sex stuff are actually the most adventurous and willing to try wild things! They just need a little motivation to unleash it ;)

      but for it to be less awkward, u shouldn't let him know you're gay.. so it's like 2 "straight" guys jerking off together.. that would make it less uncomfortable for him :P


    How did you hide??? lollll

    Hate having roommates, well, at least you are able to sleep with your clothes on... =P

    1. How did I hide lolll! I almost master the skill of masturbating in silent. Almost. Usually I'm more daring when I can hear his snores. He doesn't really snore loudly though, more like very heavy breathing. Then I'll let it all out and jerk off furiously. HahaHahaHa.... Seriously, it's a torture!

      I don't get what you meant by at least I'm able to sleep with my clothes on. Instead of sleeping naked?

    2. Mater silence ehh... lolllll... would be really interesting if you did master the skill of silent *cough*penetration*cough*
      oh behave~

      yep, sleeping naked, its a habit~ be gla you dont have it. lollll, else it would be really uncomfortable...

    3. notty notty boy!
      I used to have a habit of sleeping in nude when the weather was hot, but had to stop that since I had a roommate.

    4. no loh, you naughty boy... people sleeping you beating... together mah~


      Hard habit to quit no?

  4. hahahhaa love ur post.

    i guess it's true having roommate is indeed an invasion of ur own privacy.

    hahahah well i dont have roomamtes but i have housemates, all straights. hahha sure we learn to deal with it.

    not that i have a crush on them, hahaha pretty weird how we nvr crush on our own housemates/roommates but yeaaaaa....i know what u mean = )

    1. Thanks.

      I'm just glad and relieved I don't crush on him.

      Perhaps one day we'll have a partner living with us instead of roommate? What a glorious day it would be.